Altaika "Wolverine"



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Just shy of 100 pieces of painstakingly stitched sheepskin, Altaika “Wolverine” is for the hardy outdoor guy – robust, resilient but magnanimous – who wants to fill hearts and minds with memories and recollections. Entirely back-to-nature; extremely rugged; coarse material; no flashy bright colors, nothing "artificial". 
What’s more, Altaika “Wolverine” is named after the wolverine in each of us because of its muscular demeaner and nocturnal qualities. Like a wolverine, it is the master of the "take down." 
Altaika “Wolverine” is for those with anarchistic tendencies and opposed to the herd mentality, and who are relentlessly pitted against hierarchical structures of control and power. Only for the brave and those mistrustful of groupthink and lemming-like behavior. Forever against the evolutionary tendency to join the mindless stampede. 
A dead thing can go with the flow, but only a living thing - Altaika “Wolverine” - can go against it.
Excellent for any outdoor activity - après-ski, trekking, chopping wood, or just strolling in public areas. A winter extrovert’s delight. As such, Altaika “Wolverine” is a masterpiece and comes to life in a ski lodge, on mountain hikes and ice skating. Who wouldn’t want to take a selfie with an Altaika “Wolverine”.

Perfect for engaging friends and acquaintances. Excellent for being noticed in a crown – one of the best head turners.

Important Sizing Note

Name Altaika Wolverine
# of Pieces 98+
Materials Sheepskin
Size Small
Chest 40 inches
Hips 43 inches
Back 27 inches
Collar Yes
Trim Leather
Closure Two-Way Zipper YKK Blackish
Pockets 2 Side Pockets

Important Sizing Note

The dimensions indicated for each Altaika vest (“Chest”, “Hips” and “Back”) are the measurements (in inches) of the inside of each vest at the chest (horizontal), hips (horizontal) and back (vertical). When measuring yourself, be very careful; use a tape measure.

It is recommended that you leave at least 2-4 inches from your actual body measurement to get a comfortable and loose fit, which depends on the amount of clothing underneath the vest.

Each vest will show measurements as follows:

  1. “Chest” measurement indicates the circumference of the inside of the vest at chest level.
  2. “Hips” measurement indicates the circumference of the inside of the vest at hip level.
  3. “Back” measurement is the vertical distance from the cross-seam at the bottom of the collar of the vest to the bottom of the vest.
                            Altaika – A Wearable Work of Art
               Hand-crafted Sheepskin Vests Guaranteed to Turn Heads