Altaika "Quiet Sunrise"



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As a mosaic of 90+ pieces of soft sheepskin, Altaika “Quiet Sunrise” represents the transition from dark to light, the blending of crimson, auburn, and beige in the sky at first light. Imagine the breathtaking sight of the sun peeking above the skyline in autumn. Sunrise paints the sky with life as fading colors disappear in anticipation of the new day.  
What’s more, the smoothness of Altaika “Quiet Sunrise”  represents the careful stitching of materials for indoor and outdoor use - especially on evening walks or hiking in the winter night with friends. Altaika “Quiet Sunrise”  is a head turner in every respect – it will be the talk of the town.   
If you are in a beautiful place where you can enjoy the surroundings, then Altaika “Quiet Sunrise”  will make you feel like a peer of the realm and a participant in the glories of nature. Altaika “Quiet Sunrise”  goes well anywhere, indoors, or outdoors. It looks spectacular in photos, in town or lodges, at home or at parties, and definitely in one’s fantasies – like Claude Monet’s soleil levant.
Every day, a million wonders begin at sunset. Every sunset is a new stage in your life waiting to be composed. Altaika “Quiet Sunrise”  captures that feeling of excitement as the sun drops behind the mountains.  
The patterns of Altaika “Quiet Sunrise”  help with, believe it or not, early signs of loneliness, emotionally painful memories and potentially damaging effects of worries about the future. That is why getting out and seeing the sunset is important. And birdwatching or chopping wood with Altaika “Quiet Sunrise”  is relaxing.

Altaika “Quiet Sunrise”  will help generate conversations and common interests with others – friendships at another level.

Altaika “Quiet Sunrise”  is not a run-of-the-mill designer vest but is the product of the artist’s inner dreams and sentiments - and it may be just for you. Altaika “Quiet Sunrise”  is an opportunity to reset and relive one’s dreams.


Name Altaika              Quiet Sunrise
# of Pieces 90+
Materials Sheepskin
Size Medium
Chest 39 inches
Hips 43 inches
Back 27 inches
Collar Yes
Trim Leather
Closure Two-Way Zipper YKK
Pockets 2 Side Pockets

Important Sizing Note

The dimensions indicated for each Altaika vest (“Chest”, “Hips” and “Back”) are the measurements (in inches) of the inside of each vest at the chest (horizontal), hips (horizontal) and back (vertical). When measuring yourself, be very careful; use a tape measure.

It is recommended that you leave at least 2-4 inches from your actual body measurement to get a comfortable and loose fit, which depends on the amount of clothing underneath the vest.

Each vest will show measurements as follows:

  1. “Chest” measurement indicates the circumference of the inside of the vest at chest level.
  2. “Hips” measurement indicates the circumference of the inside of the vest at hip level.
  3. “Back” measurement is the vertical distance from the cross-seam at the bottom of the collar of the vest to the bottom of the vest.
                            Altaika – A Wearable Work of Art
               Hand-crafted Sheepskin Vests Guaranteed to Turn Heads