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Some Common Questions

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

Shipping & Handling

Q. When will my order be shipped?

A. Most Internet orders are processed within four business days of our confirmation of your order. You will be notified by email when the order has been processed and shipped. The email will include the courier tracking number so you can track the status of your shipment online. 

Q. How do I check the status of my order?

A. We will send you an order confirmation, shipping and billing confirmations and courier tracking numbers by email when your order is shipped

Q. What about order cancellations?

A. You may cancel your order at any time BEFORE we ship it by contacting us. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is cancelled before shipping, Altaika will issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the charge. If for some reason we need to cancel your order, we will keep you informed and try to offer you an alternative. We will not send you “substitute” items without your consent. 


Q. What materials are Altaika products made of?

A. Altaika products that are for sale through this website are natural sheepskin from Central Asia. The trim is natural leather, and the stitching is made of natural material as well. Some of the material is vintage, representing to the fullest degree the age-old artistry of sheepskin vest making in Central Asia going back hundreds of years. 


Q. Are Altaika products works-of-art?

A. We consider Altaika products as works-of-art or artwork that can be worn. Each represents an artistic creation of aesthetic value. Each is unique and has its own name and character. No two are alike. They capture the rebelliousness and non-conformity of individuals. 


When you purchase a product through Altaika website, you have the option to create an account and register.

Q. Must I set up a user account to shop online at
A. No. You don’t need to register for a user account to shop online at

Q. How can I set up my account?

A. During the order process you will be presented with an account set-up screen. To create your account, simply fill in the entry fields on that screen and your account will be set up automatically.


Q. Can Altaika products be purchased elsewhere? 

A. We only sell Altaika products online through this website Altaika does not control any secondary or resale market that may exist. 

Q. Are Altaika products unique and one-of-a-kind? 

A. . Each Altaika product is unique and one-of-a-kind. No two are alike. They are works of art.

Q. Are all sales final?

A. Yes. All sales on this Site are “as is” and final, without possibility of exchange, refund, or any other form of compensation. 

Q. Are the products sold on Altaika website handmade or hand crafted?

A. The products or services on this website are handmade or handcrafted, and contain other fabrication processes that result, by design, in variance and other certain perceptible so-called “imperfections” in the products (“variances”). Variances are an essential part of the products and done by design. 

Q. What are Variances?

A. Variances are a part of the fabrication process (handmade and handcrafted). You acknowledge that variances are a part of the fabrication process, and that such variances are by design. You assume all risks through the purchase of the products or services. 

Q. Stitching

A. All stitching falls under the definition of variance and, by design, we have included so-called “imperfections” in the vests. Stitching is a line (or lines of thread) that has been sewn in something by hand or is the activity of sewing individual threads in something.

At times, because of the complex designs, a part of the vest could use restitching. This is normal and represents part of the charm and out intention to reproduce history. 

Q. Might there be so-called “imperfections” or “markings” on a vest? 

A. Yes. This is done by design. So-called “imperfections” or “markings” represent the artisan’s creativity and effort to have the vest stand out in the middle of a crowd. 

Q. Do the images on the website reflect exactly the colour of the Altaika product?

A. We cannot guarantee in any way that the images and representation of the products will conform to the final product or services received. We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors and images of our products that appear at the store. We cannot guarantee that your computer monitor’s display of any color will be accurate. 

Q. What about shipping, taxes, duties and insurance?

A. Altaika will charge the purchaser additional for shipping and handling. Altaika, in its sole discretion, may not ship to select countries. All taxes, postage, shipping, handling, insurance costs, and any other fees required by law to be charged or collected will be added to the invoice, if applicable. You will see the final amount charged before purchasing an Altaika vest. 

All products shipped to foreign countries will be billed an additional amount in United States dollars for insurance purposes. For any products delivered outside the United States, the declaration value, when applicable, shall be the item’s final price paid to Altaika. Altaika shall not be liable for any loss caused or resulting from seizure or destruction under quarantine or customs regulation or confiscation by order of any government or public/private authority. The buyer shall be responsible for paying all applicable taxes, duties and customs charges for all products delivered outside the United States, if applicable. 

Unisex: In principle, suitable or designed for anyone. 

How to Measure

Important Sizing Note

Before purchasing your Altaika work-of-art or vest, it is recommended that you leave at least 2-4 inches from your actual body measurement to get a comfortable and loose fit. A comfortable fit depends on the amount of clothing that will go underneath the vest.  For example, if the chest circumference is 36 inches, you might choose a vest in the 38-40 inches chest size range. Likewise with the hips. 

As a general rule, in fall, winter or spring, a person often wears several layers of clothing, and a coat or heavy sweater outdoors. All these layers would be underneath the vest (depending on the exterior weather conditions). If the temperature is minus 20 Fahrenheit, then the vest would go over a few layers of clothing and even over a heavy coat. Generally, the colder, the more layers underneath the vest.

Measurements: As indicated above, leave at least 2-4 inches from your actual body measurement to get a comfortable and loose fit, which depends on the amount of clothing underneath the vest. A loose fit is more comfortable for hiking, walking, skiing, snowmobiling, trekking, chopping wood.

The dimensions indicated in each Altaika vest (“Chest”, “Hips” and “Back”) are the measurements of the inside of the vest at the chest (horizontal), hips (horizontal) and back (vertical) of the vest (close approximation). All measurements are in inches. When measuring yourself, be very careful and precise; use a tape measure. Each vest is unique and one of a kind – the only one that exists.  

Each vest will show measurements as follows: 

  1. “Chest” measurement indicates the circumference of the inside of the vest at chest level.
  2. “Hips” measurement indicates the circumference of the inside of the vest at hip level.
  3. “Back” measurement is the approximate distance from the cross-seam at the bottom of the collar of the vest to the bottom of the vest.

See picture below – extra room for active use, for example, on a snowmobile. Remember: Loose fits are the best in our experience.