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Altaika Vests

Altaika “Pièce de Résistance”


With a mind-boggling 420+ pieces of unmatched mosaic complexity, Altaika “Transcendence” forms an fantastic pattern of phantasmic patches as if looking across misty desert-like landscapes – mesmerizing. Guaranteed to be make you the center of conversation.

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The Altaika “Pièce de Résistance” is a masterpiece made out of Central Asian goat’s fur with special spiritual-like qualities. It conveys rebelliousness with a twist of self-confidence and high energy capturing the artistry of a skilled freedom fighter – at once stealthy and patient before an adversary. The vest gives the sense of defusing danger as it projects personal self-esteem and poise.
The Altaika “Pièce de Résistance” is decidedly emblematic of mystery with its single tone dark hue. It captures the delights of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette.
Sporting an Altaika “Pièce de Résistance” encourages steadfastness and privileged spontaneity; it acts like a positive charge to defuse negative energy when left in the lurch. Anyone who has a proclivity to independence and despises routine should fancy Altaika “Pièce de Résistance”. It is for the person who wants to never gives up and is always “in-play”.
What’s more, the Altaika “Pièce de Résistance” conveys a confident and clear-headed determination to stick with a chosen course of action, a sign of wisdom and poise in the presence of uncertainty.

Altaika “Pièce de Résistance” is the touch of grandeur in an age of boring orthodoxy and constraints – goat’s fur is for the independent minded.


Name Altaika                      Pièce de Résistance
# of Pieces Multiple
Materials Goat Fur
Size Medium
Chest 39 inches
Hips 42 inches
Back 28 inches
Collar Yes
Trim Leather
Closure Two-Way Zipper YKK Metalic
Pockets 2 Side Pockets

Important Sizing Note

The dimensions indicated for each Altaika vest (“Chest”, “Hips” and “Back”) are the measurements (in inches) of the inside of each vest at the chest (horizontal), hips (horizontal) and back (vertical). When measuring yourself, be very careful; use a tape measure.

It is recommended that you leave at least 2-4 inches from your actual body measurement to get a comfortable and loose fit, which depends on the amount of clothing underneath the vest.


Each vest will show measurements as follows:

  1. “Chest” measurement indicates the circumference of the inside of the vest at chest level.
  2. “Hips” measurement indicates the circumference of the inside of the vest at hip level.
  3. “Back” measurement is the vertical distance from the cross-seam at the bottom of the collar of the vest to the bottom of the vest.


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Altaika – A Wearable Work of Art

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